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Beta: Jurnal Tadris Matematika

Editorial Process

In general, the publication in this journal follows the workflow issued by PKP as follows

For the journal, details of the publication process are presented below.

Stage Time PiC Notes
1. Pre-review: In this stage, the submissions will be pre-reviewed; to examine whether they meet the journal's quality standard 14-30 days Assigned editors  
1.1 Author(s) revision if it is required 7-10 days Author(s) Further revisions are highly possible
2. Peer-review: The (revised) submissions will be sent to at least two peer-reviewers 30-45 days Assigned peer-reviewers  
2.1 Author(s) revision 10-15 days Author(s) Further revisions are highly possible
3. Copyediting: The accepted manuscripts will be copyedited 7-10 days Copyeditors Author(s) will be involved
4. Production: This stage involves layout editing and proofread 10-15 days Layouter(s), proofreader(s), author(s)