Journal History

Beta Jurnal Tadris Matematika was firstly published as printing version in 2008.  Its initial scope was mathematics and mathematics education. In 2016, it shifted to mathematics education (See Aims & Scope) and online version was available at When the journal started its online journey, one of the challenges is to bring the past issues online. However, some early acticles (Vol.1-Vol. 3 No.1) could not be found for technical reasons.

Articles in Vol.9 No.1 Mei 2016 were processed (submitted, reviewed, coyedited, layouted, proofread and published) through OJS workflow. Due to the technical errors of OJS installation which hamper the editorial process and open access, we decided to migrate the journal website to the newer version of OJS (OJS 2.x.x to OJS 3.x.x) and deleted the old website. This migration had some consequences regarding the article metadata and editorial history since the code and database structure of OJS 2.x.x is rather different with OJS 3.x.x. For example, the articles in Vol.9 No.1 Mei 2016 were published in May 2016 then migrated to the new journal website ( in October 2016 using Quick Plugin Submit. In this case, the editorial histories especially published dates follow the current submission.