General guideline for authors
  • > The article must be typed in 1.13 spaced, Calibri font with size 11pt except for abstract and on 24 cm x 16 cm paper size (custom size).
  • > The article must be 12-20 pages including bibliography and appendix.
  • > The article must include abstract in Bahasa and English(100-200 words) and be following by the keywords (3-5 words). Abstract and keywords are typed in 0.85 spaced and Calibri 10,5 pt.
  • > Foreign and regional words which are not standardized in KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia) should be written italic.
  • > Citation must be in form of in-text and bibliography are based on APA 6th Edition (American Psychological Association)
  • > Bibliography is typed in single spaced and Calibri 10,5 pt. The authors are encouraged to use journals as the main references and avoid using web articles. The bibliography must be the last 10 years publication except for any foundational works e.g. learning theories, framework etc.