Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the scope of Beta: Jurnal Tadris Matematika?
A: This journal publishes original research article on how students learn mathematics and mathematics is taught. In details, you can read Aims & Scope!

Q: How do I publish articles in Beta: Jurnal Tadris Matematika?
A: To publish your article, you must prepare your article in .docs format using available article template in English, register, login, and follow the submission process

Q: How the submitted articles in Beta: Jurnal Tadris Matematika are published?
A: The submitted articles will go through a number of stages which refer to PKP OJS Editorial and Publishing Process.

In our journal, the submitted articles will be processed as follows:

1. The submitted articles will be checked for the format and plagiarism using Plagiarism Checker X. If the format of articles do not meet the article template and/or they have over 20% plagiarized content, the assigned editor will send back the articles to be revised

2. If the articles fully meet the format of the article template and pass plagiarism check, the assigned editor will have an initial review for the fitness of focus and scope. If the articles meet the focus and scope of the journal, they will be sent to peer-reviewers. Point (1) and (2) will take max. two weeks. If not, please contact the editor in chief

3. The submitted articles will be peer-reviewed by two reviewers (double-blind). It will take max. four weeks

4. After the reviewers accomplished their task and submit their recommendation, the editorial team will discuss the final decision. This will take 2-3 days. The decision will be four kinds; accept without revision, accept with revision, re-submit for review, and decline.

5. The submitted articles mostly had been accepted with minor or major revisions. For this decision, the assigned editor will request for revision

6. The authors will have 20 days for revision. Otherwise, the articles will be considered as the new submission, postponed for publication in the upcoming issue or even declined

7. After the authors revise the reviewed articles, the editorial team will review them to check whether or not the revisions have fulfilled the reviewers' notes or comments. If not, the articles will be sent back to the author for another revision until the revisions accomplished

8. If the revisions are done, the articles will be copyedited, layout, and proofread. So, after revisions, the authors need to stay tuned for copyedited and proofread.

9. In a normal condition, all the editorial process until the articles get published will take about eight weeks.

Q: Is there any cost for submission, processing, and publication in Beta: Jurnal Tadris Matematika?
A: Yes. Please read about APCs

Q: After submission, are the authors permitted to withdraw his/her articles?
A: Not at all. Please see Policies

Q: Who holds the copyright for the published articles?
A: The authors

Q: Is there minimal or max. a number of authors for one article?
A: A single author is allowed. The max. is 5 authors

Q: Will the authors get printed versions?
A: One copy of the printed journal